Pinkflamingo.lk is an online retail business specialized in the sale of women’s wear and was
established in the year 2020.

Our mission is to provide high quality clothing which is creatively driven, whereby we trust that
our customers will delight in our unique line of clothing as they express the imagination and
personal story of the designer.

The sole proprietress of the company embarked on this journey during the COVID-19 pandemic
by producing her unique clothing line which successfully gained traction and momentum that
positively translated into higher sales. Inspired by this positive customer response, the
proprietress decided to continue further in her fashion journey by producing her own distinctive
clothes that proved to be highly demanded. Pinkflamingo.lk always aspires to proactively
respond to the contemporary trends in the dynamic fashion environment and aims to be a
creative change agent in the fashion domain.

With the launch of our Pinkflamingo.Ik website, we hope to bring you the best and the most
comfortable shopping experience.